Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sailor Style on a Sailor Pay

One thing I have noticed about the whole "vintage workwear" "navy-ism" style, culture, historic hipster or however you would like to call it is these working class clothes cost a small fortune!? Yes, the RRL clothes are cool and Buzz Rickson has something going for him, but this is not the only way to get this style. Here are some cheaper ways to get the 'look' without the price.
Things you will need:
Seam ripper
sand paper
stencil set
black sharpie
thread and needle
NOTE: sand paper can be substituted for physical labor
Garment: USN Denim Dungarees from WWII impressions
Cost: $75
Changes: None
Garment: Ralph Lauren cotton canvas Cargo pants from about 3 years ago
Cost: Estimated in the $70-$120 range
Changes: I cut the cargo pockets off.
Garment: 2nd Pattern HBT trousers from At The Front
Cost: $50
Changes: I hacked them down to shorts.
Garment: P41 utility trousers from At The Front
Cost: $50
Changes:Hard wear and tear resulting in heavy stains and a patch job on the knee.

Garment: Chambray Shirt from J. Crew
Cost: $98
Changes: None
Garment: USN Chambray shirt from WWII Impressions
Cost: $60
Changes: None except I lost a button and I replaced it with another cat eye.

Garment: nautical style work shirt from Levi Strauss Co.
Cost: On sale for $25.
Changes: I feel like in NYC I see a lot of people in Levi shirts. To avoid being caught in school with someone else in the same shirt I have added a pocket button on the right pocket.

Garment: P41 USMC Utility jacket from At The Front
Cost: $50
Changes: All the changed I did to this are WWII correct. I stenciled my name in the proper WWII USMC Spec and I have used it to the extent or major mud stains and worn out pockets

Garment: 2nd Pattern HBT jacket from At the Front
cost: $50
Changes:This has been in my reenacting kit for a while and it was time to retire it from the hobby. So I hacked the sleeves off and stenciled a USN on the pocket. I was inspired by this picture for this